Anya is working with a Harvard PhD at Solar4Africa to optimize battery chemistry to accelerate the discovery of cost effective and efficient catalysts. Here, that when people had a fundamental asset (like their house) in jeopardy, they were much less likely to make rational decisions around the purchase of higher quality products. People living near coastal, disaster prone regions were significantly less likely to make investments in electricity when compared to someone with the same income in a different region. This pushed her to work on this problem.

Shiza has worked in the AI space for the past few years as well, specifically with vision models in the healthcare space. She have also worked on some climate projects in AI, such as a reinforcement learning (RL) model to optimize the positions and orientation of dual-axis solar panels to maximize their energy production. Shiza is going on a summer trip to Kenya to understand the status quo, get different on-ground perspectives, and build something that provides a clear tangible impact to other's lives.